the eternal admiration of Humayun

Some things in this world, it is best to not see through, to remain somewhat mysterious, leaving a little hazy, leaving no trace of suspense, may be more interesting. Make friends, for different purposes: friendship and like-minded; or for the interests of mutual advantage; or wine and meat, eat, drink; in general can be good, such as brothers. Falcon-like sharp eyes see through the motivation of each friend's friends, you may become a loner,nike factory, Of course, not be confused friend you sell, you also for his money. Romance, Such a person really, but not much. In real life,coach factory shop online, two people can come together, certainly each has: the map you are young and beautiful, you Figure I of adequacy; I figure you delicate and charming, pleasant, and I your map The great wealth; map is gentle and virtuous, I have a stable income to your map ... these internal elements, both do not see through, not to say that through, otherwise it is boring or dim for. Who says love of money can not and love together as one? Who love and love to distinguish clearly? Pure and pure love, and on where to go to look for? Make contributions on the battlefield, should completely seen through, but to kill to kill, you rob me wins, winner takes all, the case view, there is no we do not teach the eternal admiration of Humayun degree of Yin History will become too tedious, too boring, too boring. Scientific research sacred, explore the natural wonder, for the benefit of human society. Can I really see through, is that nest in the lab all day, and dealing with a bunch of bottles and jars, experiment to experiment to get a few data, collected papers, get a small prize. Darwin's busy life, but found the man from monkeys; say that Newton's great, is nothing more than to figure out the apple falling from the tree to the truth! Fortunately, scientists are not seen through the obsessed do not regret, perseverance, painstaking, great care, a road went black, and only today's scientific advancements, economic prosperity, social progress, hundreds of millions of creatures enjoying the results of scientific research . By extension, if seen through the career, but a bunch of insane men and women in the play the fool, neurotic, mentally handicapped enough, think proud; editing career, in the final analysis, worry about; writer, enough to make people envious of it, seen through, but is raised that tale, Chinese Character nothing. The family is the most precious emotions, if seen through a link, but is necessary for human reproduction of a conditioned reflex, did not go beyond the animal. Like a ferocious evil fish, it is also a loving mother, cruel wolves, their children, but care a plus. Life, you have eye: see through the nature of the enemy, improper East Guo; seen through the villain face, not with their company; see through the lies of the liar,Monster Solo HD Diamond Headphones White Red, not to be deceived; see through the ulterior motives of the sow discord, do not be acting as a proxy; seen through the bribery of those sugar-coated bullets, do not believe his rhetoric. But do not have all the people and events are seen through, such as affection, love, career, friendship, and so on. A see through people is an idiot, and the Manhan downright, no cure; those savvy to the bone, those who are seen through the people live both tired and was not any fun, can not pay the people.



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